Destination Unknown

Things are changing for me.  In a very good way!  Hannah and I had our 2nd session yesterday, we brainstormed and goofed off for the most part.  But this is part of the collaboration process.  We have a plan for our art now, still a lot of randomness, but now we at least have part of a plan!

It is awesome to work with someone who is as open as yourself to ideas and who really just wants to explore the possibilities of ideas and where they could take us.  I think we both realize that this project isn’t about anything other than us experimenting, finding out what we like about art, photography and working with someone else.  We have some conceptual ideas, some ideals we wish to stick with, but overall it is a free flowing river of collaboration and we will follow the current as far as it takes us.

I have a hard time sharing photos from our sessions because some are strictly meant for our final book project, but I want to share!  So I’ll just post one or two every now and then.  At least anyone reading this can see something, it may not be anything from the actual project, or it could be one which ends up in the book.

This has been a great start to a project, and if I am being totally honest, this is the best I have felt about being a photographer in a while!  I’ve always loved photography, but there was part of the industry which really made me not like my “job”.  This project is restoring what I lost before.  Creating with intention of something greater.  Not just exploitation and driving viewers to buy stuff from some company who is selling knock off items made in third world countries.  So I guess I really needed to do this!

The ride has begun, destination unknown and no end in sight!


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