The Idea

This week is the week that it all finally starts to happen!  I will finally begin my year long art project and book!  I have had this idea in my head for over two years now and I have finally met my collaborator and partner in crime so-to-speak.

I will be starting out slowly and just building up a body of work, everything from simply photo projects to much more extensive work which includes painting, video, and really just so much more.  I am really excited to begin this journey and to see where it takes me creatively.  I will of course be doing more of my trippy art as well.  I actually really like this work.  It seems to help center me and lets me see more out of each image I create.

I feel like moving to the desert has been an incredible experience, it has taken me away from the world that was just draining me.  I felt like I had to play a part to book work, I couldn’t really be myself with all of my clients.  But here, in the desert, I can just be me.  I can just be.

There is promise here.  There is a positive vibe in the air around me.  I’m not trying to get all hippy dippy on you, but this really is the way it feels out here.  There is a calm which I have not had in a very long time.  And I just like the good vibes.

All of this really came out of one idea many years ago.  It was about 11 years ago actually.  I had given up my day job, which I had only had for a year and I wanted to go back to being an artist.  I had been a working photographer before and I had left the trade many times over.  Always finding a job or starting another business to pay for my photography habit.  But 11 years ago I finally said, I want to be an artist.  I said it out loud and to myself.

I kind of fell into the model photography gig again because it is great to have access to models for art projects!  But with social media and digital photography the models had changed a bit.  They weren’t worse or better than before, but the motive was different.  The reason why they were modeling seemed to be different.  Whether it was to build an Instagram following or to hustle work as a nude model for the money, it became more difficult to find models who simply wanted to create something amazing just for the sake of creating.  This is where I feel very lucky now.

I don’t know where this project will take me or how far it will take me.  But it gives me the opportunity I have wanted for many years.  Sometimes all you need is an opportunity, what you do with it is totally up to you!

Thanks for reading, I’ll keep you updated on how it all is going!


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