Playing Hooky

I loved working in the fashion editorial world.  Too bad it doesn’t pay as well as I wish it did!  But why I liked editorials over advertising or over cover shoots or over everything really is because you had way more creative freedom with your shoot.  Rarely did you ever have a creative director there with you, a lot of times it was just you and the model, hair and make up would be back at the studio or in the truck waiting for a new look or prepping for a 2nd look.  It was just fun!

Sometimes I miss this world, but I do get to incorporate it into my new work.  A lot of my work is from shoots where I was exploring an idea that I knew wouldn’t get published but I had a thought and wanted to run with it.  The models were almost always down for this as they too were sick of the same old thing.  It was our way of playing hooky for a minute from our contracted job!

Most of my work on this site is just that, playing hooky from the work I was supposed to be doing, simply because I’d rather be doing this.  Funny how it takes years to realize you were already doing what you said you always wanted to be doing.  Sometimes you just need to step back and take a look at your own work to realize you may be passing by the opportunity you’ve always wanted.

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