Good Days

Lately I have been exploring more and more with wood working and trying to better myself as a carpenter.  I love wood, I love how you can form it and shape it and make things, basically out of sticks.  I have begun to love to create pieces that look as though they had been created years before.  A little beat up, a little worn and a little tattered.  I love this style with my photography so it seems like a natural fit for this type of work as well!

One thing I figured out is how some of the same patterns I create with wood can be used with a new idea I have for my photography.  It involves painting, a model, a canvas and a few other items of technological advancement to help me with this endeavor.  I am not 100% sure how I’m going to pull this off, but half the fun is in the attempt right?

This has been a good year so far.  New ideas, new people to work with, just a very positive overall year.  I got rid of some negative people, moved forward and it seems like the better I feel, the happier I wake up, the better types of people just step into my life.  There is definitely something to say about living a positive lifestyle.  It has worked for me!

I may have a photo session tomorrow for one of my new projects, just waiting on the confirmation.  Whatever is meant to be will be.  And if I end up not shooting tomorrow, maybe I’ll find myself in my studio working with some reclaimed wood! Either way it will be a good day!


This is a photo I am using as a sample for my new painting on wood.  I love the mixture of film grain on wood grain!  I’ll see how long it takes me to finish it!

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