And So It Begins

This is new for me.  Not blogging, but really becoming an artist.  This site is dedicated to my visions as an artist.  I am a retired fashion and glamour photographer who wishes to explore new options when it comes to photography, painting, mixed media and whatever else pops into my head.

I have found over the past few years, as I have eased into retirement from the fashion and glamour industries, that the models I have loved working with are the ones who are way more into concepts and into the art of creating images that move you in different ways.  This has been my real inspiration into moving my work into becoming more of an artist rather than containing my efforts into only photography.  I love photography, it is a true passion, I just feel the need to explore my options and push my own boundaries as an artist.

I am very lucky!  I have met someone who will be my model and collaborator on many of my new projects.  She doesn’t have a modeling background at all but she will be my model, my partner in crime and I can already tell we share many ideas in common when it comes to the art we wish to create together.  This is a rare find in any field and I feel so lucky to have met her!  We will begin our efforts in the next week or two, we have already begun discussing ideas and I cannot wait to have our first session together!

This blog will be my own diary and a documentation of the work I create from this point on.  There are no set rules for what I wish to gain from this site, it is more of myself keeping track of the great adventure which lies ahead.  I will be sharing behind the scene photos, new art, mixed media, digital art, photography and whatever else happens will most likely be posted here.


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